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Plica Polonica

(syn. Plica Neuropathica)

First described in Poland in 19th century.

Plica Polonica - an extremely rare condition in which hairshafts become tangled, forming a matted appearance. Often plica polonica will present as a sticky moist mass. Attempts to comb out the problem will prove impossible.

Plica Polonica sufferers may well present erythema (red inflamed skin) which may be accompanied by a bad odour.

The hairshaft suffers irreversible damage to the cuticle (protective layer) thus exposing the inner moist & sticky cortex. Other shafts affected unavoidably articulate causing this matted mess known as plica polonica.

Diseased hairshafts are likely to be more susceptible to Plica polonica. Hairshafts which present natural kinks are also more likely to be affected. Shampoos and conditioners may cause damage to the cuticle thus leaving the cortex exposed. Excessive processing is a major concern. Purity of water and lack of hair care are other factors that should be considered.

The condition may follow an acute infestation with pediculus capitis.

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